Building Inspector

All inspections require 24 hour notice.

Building Inspector available by telephone Monday through Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm.

Building Inspector: John E. Moreau, Jr.  770-6818

Building Permit Requirements (pdf)
Application for New Construction Building Permit Form (pdf)
Application for Alteration Building Permit Form (pdf)
Home Occupation Permit Application Form (pdf)

Fire Department, 642-3141

Permit to install and operate gas burning appliances and propane storage tanks (pdf)
Permit to install and operate chimneys, woodstoves and other solid-fuel appliances (pdf)

The governing building codes in East Kingston are those of the 2003 International Code Council and the NFPA Life Safety Code.

Permits are required for in-home Occupation / Business.

When is a building permit required?

  • For any demolition.
  • For any swimming pool, except those that are dismantled each season.
  • For any renovation, addition or new construction over $1000 including labor and materials.
  • For any substantive change that does not involve replacement in-kind, e.g. installation of vinyl siding over existing siding or in place of old siding.

When is a building permit NOT required?

  • minor alterations, repairs and general upkeep of existing buildings, e.g. replacement of in-kind roofing.